TI BOM & cross reference tool tutorial

This tutorial page is designed to help you find valuable information, and highlight various features of the new TI BOM & cross reference tool.

What is the TI BOM & cross reference tool?

The TI BOM & cross reference tool is powerful sourcing and cross reference resource. It allows you to:

  • Obtain instant TI cross reference part information for non-TI part searches

  • Access parametric information for TI parts, as well as non-TI part parametric comparisons when available

  • Check TI inventory and price data for a single part, parts list, or entire Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • View TI datasheets for all your submitted parts, from one central location

  • Find out if your parts are valid for quoting or ordering, and fix the invalid ones

  • Simple one-click ordering of TI parts through the TI store or our authorized distributors

  • See valuable part and pricing details to help you make the best decision.

  • Easily export, share or print your results.

Parts Analysis and Procurement

The TI BOM & cross reference tool provides a simple, easy to read dashboard where you can view all the parts in your BOM, find equivalent TI cross reference parts, download datasheets, view and compare parametrics, see detailed part information, and even buy directly from the TI store.

Below is an overview of the TI BOM & cross reference tool dashboard (BOM upload results). Click on the blue hotspots for additional information.


For engineers building reference designs or development boards, knowing early if a BOM is sourceable can prevent time consuming redesigns down the line. After uploading a BOM, use the list summary to quickly identify which need further attention.

In the event of unknown or misspelled part number entries, the Did you mean? window will appear, providing a list of suggested part number matches based on various search algorithms. You may enter as few as 3 characters of a part number, and our tool will help find the best possible matches. Select the part number you wish to see equivalent TI cross reference results for by clicking the “View” button.

The cross reference parts window displays a list of equivalent TI cross reference parts for the previously submitted or selected matched part. Here you can view cross reference codes for equivalent TI parts, download datasheets, and check stock and pricing for available parts.

In addition, to see more details of each part, you can view parametrics, and even compare parametrics between your selected part and the equivalent TI cross reference parts:

Parametrics page

Compare parametrics

How-to Guide

Enter a partial or full part number in the search bar on the main tool page, and click “Search”.

You may be asked to select the part you are looking for from a list of parts matching your entry, as shown in the Did you mean? window. Select the part number you wish to see equivalent TI cross reference results for by clicking the “View” button.

In the cross reference window that appears, you will see any equivalent TI cross reference parts that correspond to the selected matched part from the previous screen. Once you’ve found a desired TI part, click the “Select” button to view more details for that part. (In some cases, the “Select” button may be replaced by a TI generic part number, or a product category, which will link to our applicable product pages on TI.com.)

Once selected, the TI part will display on the main screen with additional information, and order options if available.

Create new list

Clicking on the “Create new list” button from the main tool page will open a new window where you can name the list you would like to create.

After clicking “Create list”, the tool will open where you can manually enter a list of parts you would like to add and see part information and potential crosses for. After entering your list of parts, click the “Continue” button and the tool will begin processing your entries.

Once your part numbers have been processed, the results will appear in the tool where you can take any necessary actions, or next steps.

Upload BOM

Clicking on the “Upload BOM” button form the main tool page will open a new window where you choose a file from your desktop to upload to the tool. Once selected, this will begin the initial upload to the tool.

You will then be asked to confirm the data from the BOM by entering a name for the BOM and ensure the mapping of your data from the BOM is correct, before proceeding.

Once you have named your BOM and confirmed the mapping is correct, click on the “Save list” button. At this time, the tool will begin processing your BOM and list the results of each part number entered, in a list. You may review the data and take any necessary actions or next steps, at any time while the BOM list is being processed.

Add parts to list

At the bottom of your existing list, there is an option to add a part number and quantity for any additional parts you wish to add to the existing list. Simply add a desired part number and quantity (optional), and then click the “Add new part” button to view you newly added part in the list above. You may also add parts to your existing list through other pages in the tool as well, by clicking the “Add part to list” button.

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Please contact TI for any further questions you may have about our new TI BOM & cross reference tool, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

You can find a list of frequently asked questions about the TI BOM & cross reference tool here.

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